Pre-Orders Policy

How Does It Work?

To secure your item, full payment is due at checkout. When your item arrives to us, we will ship them out to you. The exact delivery date on pre-order items is unknown, however we don't do pre-orders unless we know they are confirmed and shipping out to us.


Pre-Order Disclaimer

Because the item has not yet reached us, we cannot guarantee the exact date your item will ship. Each pre-order item has an estimated shipping date but this is subject to change from the manufacturer without prior notice. DO NOT place a pre-order if you need an item by a designated date, as we cannot guarantee the item will arrive by that time. Pre-orders can have production delays. When placing your Pre-order you agree to these terms. Please DO NOT place a pre-order if you are not willing to wait for your item(s) to arrive. For additional questions, please contact us at



For Pre-orders we will not issue refunds. We will only issue a refund if your order was not fulfilled.